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What Are the Different Types of Windshields and Which One Would Suit Your Vehicle?

What Are the Different Types of Windshields and Which One Would Suit Your Vehicle? .

Windshield is a very crucial part of any vehicle. It provides protection from external forces like wind, rain, snow and direct sunlight and the vehicle can be driven around safely even in adverse weather conditions. It also helps in protecting against theft, break-ins and accidents making the passengers comfortable. It is therefore very important that the windshield is of supreme quality and there is easy access to windshield repair services in case there is a crack or rock chip that damages the glass. While there are several repair shops that provide windshield replacement services, it always helps to know what are the different options of windshield glasses available in the market and which is the best one for your vehicle. Every car manufacturer fixes a windshield which is unique in its specifications of thickness, color, tint and durability and is designed to sync with the architecture of specific make & model of the vehicle. Which means windshield is not a product that can be substituted with just any other glass. To ensure a completely functional and safe windshield it is advised that we use one that is designed for the specific model of the vehicle.

There Are Broadly 3 Types Of Windshields Available in the Market -

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • Dealer Glass
  • Aftermarket Glass

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer – As the name suggests, this category of windshield is produced by a glass manufacturer for a particular car brand. It is designed as per the specifications of the particular Make & Model of the vehicle and is used when the car is in the production assembly line itself . It is for this reason that we can use OEM for windshield replacement as well. It is, but obvious, certified and is 100% genuine so windshield repair shops do not see any risk in using it. When you are getting your car windshield repair job done, using OEM is a safe option as it will perfectly fit in place of the original glass and ensure safety and reliability .
  • Dealer Glass - This windshield glass type is available at the company authorised service centers and is sold under the dealership brand name. The glass is the same as provided by the OEM distributor but bears the car manufacturer’s logo and stamp as it is marketed under their name. The difference between OEM and Dealer glass is that OEM can be made by different distributors who are in contract with the car manufacturer. So even if the manufacturer is different the glass specifications remain the same. All authorised windshield replacement shops are well stocked with this glass type and know how to replace the damaged glass. An easy way to confirm whether it is a genuine windshield or not, you can check the stamp and logo of the company on the inner side of the glass. It also bears the part number which is unique to that glass type.
  • Aftermarket Glass - Although Aftermarket glass is not made or marketed by the car manufacturer, it is designed in such a way that it matches the size and other specifications of the original glass. It may, however, not be a perfect fit as there could be variations in the thickness and other product features like thickness or level of glass tint. Since it is not a product from the original manufacturer, it does not carry any certification of reliability. However, Aftermarket glass manufacturers also have to ensure that the safety standards are met. This makes the product safe but not necessarily tailor made. Many times the manufacturers are the same for OEM and Aftermarket glass but they use a different production line to make these windshields. So there is a high probability of variance.

Which One Would Suit Your Vehicle ?

Which glass to use for a windshield repair or replacement is a very crucial decision and not an easy one for sure. Before heading for windshield repair services it is a good idea to give a thought to which type of windshield glass you want to get fitted. OEM or Dealer glass may be a logical choice if costing is not a constraint. These windshields are a perfect replacement to the original so even if it is more expensive than Aftermarket Glass it is a low risk product. Information about the authorised dealers providing the windshield repair services can be accessed from the car manufacturer company and they can be easily approached to get the job done.

Since they are company authorised, the technicians are knowledgeable and well trained to do the windshield replacement. They know the exact product type and the procedure of removing and replacing the damaged glass. The work is carried out with precision and is error free. Many times individuals do not want to take any risk and are willing to pay a higher price to ensure complete safety. Information about the sellers of Aftermarket glass, on the other hand, may require some market research and there is definitely a risk of durability as the product is not exactly the same as the original. Whether or not it will give any issues is unknown at the time of getting the job done. And since it is not backed with company warranty or guarantee, car users often hesitate in using Aftermarket glass as replacement. This is especially if the car is relatively new and most of the other parts of the vehicle are still original.

Another factor that may influence the decision of which glass type to use is the insurance coverage that the vehicle has for broken or damaged windshield. If insurance covers the complete cost of replacement, then using OEM or Dealer glass is advisable. This way you don’t have to pay any additional charges from your pocket and the work gets done for free with the best recommended product. The choice to use Aftermarket glass is usually taken when you are watching the spend on the product and are willing to save some money while using the windshield repair services. As a summation of the above debate, it is advised that when the windshield glass has to be replaced a detailed discussion should be done with the technician at the repair shop who will take into consideration all important parameters of safety, product specification requirements, financial impact and ease of getting the job done and accordingly recommend which glass type should be used to repair or replace the damaged windshield.

The Absolute Guide To Auto Glass Repair In Surrey, Vancouver

The actual purpose of a windshield lies in the word itself ! It is that part of the vehicle that provides protection from all external adversities like wind, rain, snow, sunlight, thefts and break-ins. It makes driving comfortable for the passengers. A strong, clean & clear and durable windshield, therefore, is not only desirable but is also the law. Since a damaged glass can put the vehicle and its passengers at risk, the law mandates it for all car owners to drive only with a proper windshield. In many places, you can be given a ticket and fined if you are driving with a damaged windshield that affects the vision of the passengers. It is taken to be an unsafe condition to drive. For this reason, insurance companies often give coverage for windshield damages so that the owners are encouraged to get the auto glass repaired without delay.

In the event, the glass does get damaged either in the form of a chip, crack or broken condition, one needs to ensure that the same is repaired or replaced on priority. How soon should you get the repair done ? Where to go for auto glass replacement ? Which glass to be used ? How much will it cost ? How much time will it take for the replacement job to get completed ?....these are some obvious questions that come to the mind. It is strongly advised that the car owners are well informed about the end to end process of auto glass repair.

Windshield damage could be in the form of a crack or rock chip, shattered glass or a broken glass. The type of damage determines the severity of the situation and accordingly the vehicle owner needs to take action.

Rock Chip repair – Chip or Rock chip is caused by any flying object hitting the windshield glass. If the rock or object damages the surface by about one inch or a lesser area then this can be easily repaired. Repair kits are readily available with complete instructions on how to patch the dent on the glass. However, it requires precision so that the quality of the glass is not affected. If you are unsure of how to repair it, the best is to get it done from any auto glass repair expert. This glass repair should be done as soon as possible so that it doesn’t spread.

If the rock or debris hits the auto glass with a high velocity then it can cause damage to a bigger surface area and may require an assessment by a technical expert as to whether it can be repaired or should it be replaced. If the technician feels that even with a repair there is a risk to the glass then they will advise a replacement. Replacement of a damaged windshield requires detailed technical knowledge and should be done by a trained auto glass replacement expert only. So check out for authorised auto glass repair shops and get the job done from them.

In Vancouver, there are many Auto glass repair shops available who have the expertise to assess, change and calibrate the windshield glass. Depending on the intensity of the damage, the technical expert will appraise you as to whether a glass repair or replacement is required. Repair jobs are relatively simple and quick which they do with almost no or negligible charges. However, if the windshield needs to be replaced, then the process of procuring the part needs to be initiated and the estimated expenses required to be discussed.

Most of the popular car brands have their own authorised dealer shops who are certified to do the job and you can easily get information about them from the company website. They mostly have all the parts and tools required for auto glass repair and replacement which makes the process quicker. They are also trained technicians and can do an error-free replacement of the glass. Remember to discuss what glass type would they be using as replacement so that the safety and durability is not affected. Even if you do not have the access to company recommended shops, there are many others available who are experts in the auto glass field and are able to perform the task properly as well as process the insurance claims on your behalf.

Depending on your insurance coverage for the windshield change, the costing estimate can be worked out. You may not have to pay anything if there is 100% coverage under insurance. Always refer to your insurance papers so that you know your exact entitlement. In case you need any clarification, you can call up your insurance company and seek complete information. Getting a broken auto glass or windshield replaced is as important as repairing any other damaged part of the vehicle. It is both a requirement of law and self safety that should compel you to get the job done on priority. In Vancouver, there are several authorized Auto glass repair and replacement shops available who are equipped to do the job efficiently and one should engage them as soon as there is any instance of glass damage.